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We have created a company, Taler Systems SA in Luxemburg.
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The Team

Our team combines world-class business leaders, cryptographers, software engineers, civil-rights activits and academics. We are unified by a vision of how payments should work and the goal of imposing this vision upon the world.

We are currently supported by Inria, the French national institute for research in informatics and automation, and the Renewable Freedom Foundation.

The Technology

All transactions in Taler are secured using modern cryptography and trust in all parties is minimized. Financial damage is bounded (for customers, merchants and the exchange) even in the case that systems are compromised and private keys are stolen. Databases can be audited for consistency, resulting in either the detection of compromised systems or the demonstration that participants were honest. Actual transaction costs are fractions of a cent.

The Business

The scalable business model for Taler is the operation of the payment service provider, which converts money from traditional payment systems (Mastercard, SEPA, Visa, Bitcoin, ACH, SWIFT, etc.) to anonymous electronic coins in the same currency. The customer can then redeem the electronic coins at a merchant, who can exchange them for money represented using traditional payment systems at the exchange. The exchange charges fees (to the customer, merchant or both) to facilitate the transactions.

Taler as seen by the payment service operator

The payment service operator runs a Taler exchange, which is a Web service portal that keeps databases with transaction details and cryptographic proofs. Its operational expenses are thus related to its interactions with the banking system and the operation of the computing infrastructure, while its income is based on transaction fees it may charge for the various interactions. Key interactions of the exchange include:

operator perspective