GNU Taler: Documentation and Resources

This is an overview of documentation and other resources for GNU Taler. The full documentation contents can be found here.


Merchant Backend Administration

Tutorial and manual for operating a merchant. Also available as PDF.

Merchant API Tutorial

Tutorial for processing Taler payments using the merchant backend API. Also available as PDF.


Operator's manual for the GNU Taler exchange. Also available as PDF.

Bank Integration

Manual for tightly integrating Taler with banking applications. Also available as PDF.


Manual about the Taler wallets (WebExtensions, Android, CLI). You can download pre-packaged binaries from the Taler wallet Web site.

Back office

Manual to run the back-office Web application. Also available as PDF.

Merchant POS Terminal

Manual for configuring and using the point of sale app. Also available as PDF.


An app for taking in cash and handing out electronic cash.



Reference for the HTTP-based API for Taler components.


Description of our setup and how to contribute. Also available as PDF.


Mailing List

The official GNU Taler mailing list.


Our IRC channel is #taler on Libera.

Bug Tracker

Our bug tracker for bugs and feature request.


Git repositories

Git repositories for all of GNU Taler.

lcov results

Shows results of the code coverage analysis for our test suite.

Continuous integration

Continuous integration and deployment is managed by our Buildbot.