GNU Taler: Documentation and Resources

This is an overview of documentation and other resources for GNU Taler. The full documentation contents can be found here.

Core Component Documentation

Merchant Backend Administration

Tutorial and manual for operating a merchant.

Merchant API Tutorial

Tutorial for processing Taler payments using the merchant backend API.

Back Office

Manual to run the back-office Web application.

Merchant POS Terminal

Manual for configuring and using the point of sale app.


Operator's manual for the GNU Taler Exchange.

Bank Integration

Manual for tightly integrating Taler with banking applications.


Manual about the Taler wallets (WebExtensions, Android, iOS, CLI). You can download pre-packaged binaries from the Taler wallet Web site.


An app for taking in cash and handing out electronic cash.

Age Restrictions

Cryptographic background on how parents can set age-restrictions on Taler coins to protect minors from inappropriate purchases while preserving privacy for everyone.

Supplemental services

GNU Anastasis

Privacy-preserving distributed key escrow and recovery services.


Implementation of the Taler wire gateway over the EBICS/FinTS protocol suite, including stand-alone bank (for regional currencies).


Implementation of the Taler wire gateway over the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.


Encrypted data backup and recovery service.

Taler Mailbox

Reliably deliver payment messages between Taler wallets.


Directory to associate addresses (e-mail, phone numbers, etc.) with Taler wallets.



Integration of GNU Taler with the Multi-Drop-Bus (MDB) protocol commonly used in vending machines. Deployed at a coffee-and-snack machine at BFH.

WooCommerce Payment Backend

GNU Taler payment plugin for the WooCommerce e-commerce solution (itself based on WordPress).

Magento Payment Backend

GNU Taler payment plugin for Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) e-commerce solution.

Pretix Payment Backend

GNU Taler payment plugin for the Pretix ticketing system.

Joomla! Payment Backend

GNU Taler payment plugin for the Joomla! e-commerce solution.

Internals Documentation


Reference for the HTTP-based API for Taler components.


Video tutorials for working with GNU Taler.


Overview on Know-your-customer (KYC) integrations for a Taler Exchange.