2023-11: GNU Taler v0.9.3 released

We are happy to announce the release of GNU Taler v0.9.3.

We have addressed over 200 individual issues, our bug tracker has the full list. Notable changes include:

  • NEW: Support for webhooks in merchant backend
  • NEW: Support for templates in merchant backend (pay by scanning static QR code)
  • NEW: Multi-currency support in the merchant backend
  • NEW: Automatic bank transaction import into merchant backend for reconciliation
  • NEW: Wallet database backed by sqlite3 on Android
  • NEW: iOS wallet (alpha release, not feature complete)
  • NEW: Support for secure payments where merchant point of sale is offline
  • NEW: Exchange KYC address validation via OAuth 2.0-based challenger service
  • NEW: Exchange KYC integrations into two additional providers for ID validation
  • NEW: Exchange SPA with AML administration support
  • NEW: improvements to how amounts are rendered
  • NEW: Enhancements to make libeufin-bank suitable for regional currencies
  • NEW: libeufin support for currency conversion for regional currencies
  • NEW: libeufin-nexus now supports Postfinance bank EBICS 3.0 implementation
  • NEW: libeufin release to support NetzBon under the NLNet grant: Taler for local currencies
  • Major work towards API and database schema forwards-compatibility
  • Various minor bugfixes, performance, user experience and documentation improvements

The iOS wallet development and the work on support for regional currencies was funded by the European Commissions great Next Generation Internet initiative. We also contine to receive some funding for the work on improving AML and KYC support.

To fund further development, Taler Systems SA is still looking for investors.

Download links

The wallet has its own download site here. The exchange, merchant backend, sync and bank components are distributed via the GNU FTP mirrors.

You must first install GNUnet v0.21.0 (unreleased) or the current Git master to compile GNU Taler 0.9.3 from source.