2019-12: GNU Taler v0.6.0 released

We are happy to announce the release of GNU Taler v0.6.0.

We have addressed over 200 individual issues, our bug tracker has the full list. Notable changes include:

  • Implemented various protocol tweaks addressing corner cases discovered when writing Florian's the PhD thesis on Taler
  • The wallet was ported to Android, and now supports NFC payments
  • A Web service to synchronize wallets across devices was implemented (but is not yet used by the wallets)
  • The Taler auditor saw many improvements and extensions, and should now be usable for the first time
  • The exchange protocol has an endpoint to return the terms of service and privcy policy of the operator
  • The new taler-mdb component can be used to combine Taler with vending machines using the Multi Drop Bus (MDB)

Download links

The wallet has its own download site here. The exchange, merchant backend, sync and bank components are distributed via the GNU FTP mirrors.

You must use GNUnet 0.12.1 or a recent Git version to use Taler 0.6.0.