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GNU Taler v0.5.0 released


We are happy to announce the release of GNU Taler v0.5.0. The main new feature is customer tipping, which allows merchants to pay small rewards directly into a customer's wallet. Technical improvements include numerous performance improvements and bug fixes, as well as a new, simpler to use API for merchants that also enables the implementation of GNU Taler wallets on platforms that do not support WebExtensions... [read more]

GNU Taler v0.4.0 released


We are happy to announce the release GNU Taler v0.4.0 with support for customer refunds, protocol versioning, incremental key material download, returning funds from the wallet directly back into one's bank account, and various other minor improvements. The Chrome and Chromium wallets are available for download via the App store. The exchange, merchant backend and bank components are on the GNU FTP mirrors. Note that the Firefox wallet will take a few more days to become available in the App store due to the Mozilla review process... [read more]

We explain GNU Taler at SHA 2017


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Sva explains GNU Taler at EasterHegg and Torsten demonstrates it is child's play


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Sva explains GNU Taler at FOSSASIA in Singapore


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Florian Dold explains Taler at 50p in Bangalore


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Taler Documentation pages updated

2017-01-01 is now online, providing a new portal to the Taler system documentation... [read more]

Christian Grothoff explains Taler at hasgeek in Bangalore


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Taler Wallet for Firefox online


We now have a first version of the Taler wallet for Firefox. For now, a development build of Firefox is required. Installation instructions are on the Wallet page... [read more]

Taler Web Payments paper published


We just finished the camera-ready version of our paper on how to use Taler for Web payments. This paper does not discuss the cryptography behind Taler, but focuses on the practical aspects of how the wallet and the merchants interact over the Web. Hence, this paper should be a good read for anyone who wants to integrate Taler support with their Web site. We have posted the paper here... [read more]

Taler Systems S.A. created


We now have a business entity for Taler. Potential investors may contact the executive team at [read more]

GNU Taler 0.0.0 released


We have reached our first big milestone, the 0.0.0 release! The release includes implementations of a bank, exchange, merchant and wallet and is available on the GNU FTP mirrors... [read more]

Taler Demo for Chrome/Chromium online


We finally have a first simple demo for Taler online. The Firefox-variant still needs some love, but you can start to try out the demo using the Chrome/Chromium browser at Please provide feedback to our bug tracker... [read more]

Christian Grothoff explains the goals behind Taler


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Taler becomes an official GNU package


Taler was accepted into the GNU project today. GNU will offer advice, advocacy and cooperation --- and host our official public mailinglist [read more]

Watch Christian Grothoff's FOSSA talk on Taler


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Welcome to our new site about the Taler electronic payment system... [read more]