GNU Taler: Links and Information for Code Development

Developer Services

Git Repositories

Git repositories for all of GNU Taler.

lcov Results

Shows results of the code coverage analysis for our test suite.

Informação de contacto

Continuous integration and deployment is managed by our Buildbot.


By using Weblate everyone in the community can contribute with translations to the web pages and the GNU Taler applications.


HTTP modifying man-in-the-middle proxy to test error handling.

Experimental Work

SMC Auctions

Secure multiparty auction protocol (future Taler Exchange extension).

Integração bancária

Accept GNU Taler payments on your MCH 2022 badge.

Informação de contacto

Lista de destinatários

A lista de destinatários oficial da GNU Taler.


O nosso fórum da comunidade para o Taler está localizado em the Integration Community Hub (TALER ICH).

Sistema de rastreamento de erros

Nós analisamos pedidos de recurso e erros através do nosso


Description of our setup and how to contribute.