GNU टेलर ग्रंथ सूची

How to issue a privacy-preserving centrally banked digital currency

PDF HTML द्वारा Christian Grothoff , Thomas Moser
Article (2021)

Understanding and designing technologies for everyday financial collaboration

PDF द्वारा Belén Barros Pena
PhD Thesis (2021)

Why a Digital Euro should be Online-first and Bearer-based

PDF द्वारा Christian Grothoff , Florian Dold
Article (2021)

How to Issue a Centrally Banked Digital Currency

PDF द्वारा David Chaum , Christian Grothoff , Thomas Moser
Article (2021)

Comment émettre une monnaie numérique de banque centrale

PDF द्वारा David Chaum , Christian Grothoff , Thomas Moser
Article (2021)
Translation by Marie Walrafen and Emmanuel Benoist

Come una banca centrale dovrebbe emettere una moneta digitale

PDF द्वारा David Chaum , Christian Grothoff , Thomas Moser
Article (2021)
Translation by Dora Scilipoti

The GNU Taler System: Practical and Provably Secure Electronic Payments

PDF द्वारा Florian Dold
PhD Thesis (2019)

Embedded system for GNU/Taler: Designing an embedded system for cashless payment on a vending machine

PDF द्वारा Dominik Wenger
Bachelor Thesis (2020)

Peer-to-Peer Transactions for Privacy-Preserving Mobile Payments using GNU Taler

PDF द्वारा J. Florian Kimmes
Bachelor Thesis (2020)

Anastasis: Password-less key recovery via multi-factor multi-party authentication

PDF द्वारा Dominik Samuel Meister , Dennis Neufeld
Bachelor Thesis (2020)

Digital cash and privacy: What are the alternatives to Libra?

HTML द्वारा Christian Grothoff , Alex Pentland
MIT Media Lab (2019)

Enabling Secure Web Payments with GNU Taler

PDF द्वारा Jeff Burdges , Florian Dold , Christian Grothoff , Marcello Stanisci
SPACE 2016 (2016)

Refreshing Coins for Giving Change and Refunds in Chaum-style Anonymous Payment Systems

द्वारा Florian Dold , Sree Harsha Totakura , Benedikt Müller , Jeff Burdges , Christian Grothoff

available upon request

Blind Signatures for Untraceable Payments

PDF द्वारा David Chaum
CRYPTO '82 (1982)

The One-More-RSA-Inversion Problems and the Security of Chaum's Blind Signature Scheme

PDF द्वारा M. Bellare , C. Namprempre , D. Pointcheval , M. Semanko
Financial Cryptography (2001)